rachel-holder-in-your-arms-cd-coverRachel Holder’s new single ‘In Your Arms’ is a showcase for a singer who’s skilled vocally, but in need of life experience to carry such a majestic and cathartic love ballad. She’ll draw comparisons to Martina McBride and Shania Twain, but the 19-year-old doesn’t own the fragility of love like a more experienced singer might. 

Not that ‘In Your Arms’ doesn’t deserve attention from country fans and radio. Holder has also gathered fans of Adult Contemporary stations. From a production standpoint, her single feels like it might be a better fit there than on country radio. The song seems built to be a crossover, which tends to scare purists.

In your arms I’m safe inside a harbor / In your arms my heart can rest at ease / Walk with me beside the quiet waters / In your arms is where i long to be,” Tennessee-born Holder sings with ease during the chorus.

Even if the rainbows colors faded / And the sun stopped shining from above / No power on earth nor anything created / Could ever separate me from your love,” she adds during the second verse. The songwriting is thick, but her words will find many open hearts to fill.

Many female country singers in Nashville would kill — or at least shave their heads and gain 50 pounds — for a voice as strong as Holder’s. Knowing how to best use such a talent is a very nuanced skill. Few 19 year olds in the history of song have figured it out, but with time and coaching (and maybe a few bad breakups), the future is bright for Rachel Holder.

By Billy Dukes July 31, 2012 8:30 AM

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