curbrecords_logoCurb Records artist, Rachel Holder, emerged onto the country music scene with ironically an amazing interpretation of Lady Gaga’s pop tune, “Edge Of Glory”.  The singer’s powerhouse effort showcased her multi-octave range, which quickly took off as a viral sensation with over one million hits online. The bubbly blonde performer with the big pipes – she can claim a four-octave range – has amassed an impressive career in her twenty years. Hailing from the small town of Birchwood in East Tennessee, Holder has honed her performance skills since childhood: “I’ve been singing since I could talk. My mom has videotapes of me singing when I was two years old. I grew up singing in Church, talent shows, and competitions – anywhere there was a stage in my hometown, I was there.” With the experience she gained, the teen singer-songwriter decided it was time to make the jump to the big stages of Music City.

The career driven artist has had her sights on success since an early age.  Recently, Rachel enrolled in online college courses in between hectic schedules of touring, radio interviews and press appearances.  “This career of mine is more than just singing.  Learning how to conduct business only helps me in my day to day efforts”.  If that wasn’t enough, Rachel has already added actress to her resume as she recently completed a Christian film called, Decisions based on a troubled teens road to find Christ.

Rachel Holder is currently supporting a nation wide effort to combat texting while driving.  As part of the effort, Rachel has been featured across hundreds of wireless carrier ad campaigns and mobile apps designed to teach of the dangers of texting while driving.  Additional appearances at high schools across the country are in the works to both perform and discuss this sensitive issue to kids across America.

Rachel’s 5 song EP “Shining Now” exclusively available at and at selected Walmart stores.  Also available at iTunes for download.

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