The Sovereign Sportsman team hung out with hot new Country Artist Rachel Holder in Cherokee, NC. We were able to be there for the First Annual Cherokee Trout Tournament and watch over $10,000 in prize money be handed out! It was great to hang out and chat with all the fishermen in town.

In a note to Rachel’s publicist, Sovereign Sportsman co-host Forrest Parker wrote,

“Rachel was awesome! She took to fly fishing very well and caught a 26″ monster Rainbow that is a fish of a lifetime for anyone. It was a pleasure to have her on the show and we developed a friendship with her and her family that will last forever.

That is what The Sovereign Sportsman is all about anyway. Anyone can catch big fish and kill big animals for TV, but we want to showcase great people and stories such as Rachel’s.

There is no doubt she is a superstar on the stage and off. It’s great to see such a great talent that has the foundation and beliefs to carry her through what will be no less than a remarkable career.”  – F. Parker